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TREATMENTFee per item from:
New patient exam£70
Routine Examination – Adult£40
Routine Examination – Child 0-5 years old£10
Routine Examination – Child 6-12 years old£18
Routine Examination – Child 13 years plus£25
Digital X-rays£12 Each
Emergency appointment£77.50
Hygienist appointment£75
Guided Biotherapy Therapy£95
Amalgam Fillings£80
White Composite Fillings£95
Root canal Treatment£350
Complex root canal treatment£650
Temporary filling£55
Tooth Whitening£325*
Internal tooth whitening (single tooth)£275*
In chair whitening£550
Porcelain Crowns£700
Gold Crowns£800
Veneers£600 Each
Acrylic Dentures£450 Each
Chrome Cobalt Dentures£1250 Each
Flexite Dentures£577 Each
Reline of Denture£105
Soft reline of denture£125
Repair of denture / Addition£85

Weekend emergency £150 (Hathaway only).

Failed appointments or appointments not cancelled within 48 hours could be charged the full treatment fee