TreatmentPrices starting from:
Routine Examination – Adult£65
Digital X-rays£12 Each
OPG X-ray£70
Hygienist appointment£60
Amalgam Fillings£75
White Composite Fillings£90
Root canal Treatment£600
Temporary filling£50
Tooth Whitening£325
Internal tooth whitening (single tooth)£250
In chair whitening£500
Porcelain Crowns£500
Emax/Zirconia Crowns£675
Gold Crowns£550
Veneers£550 Each
Acrylic Dentures£500 Each
Chrome Cobalt Dentures£800 Each
Flexite Dentures£550 Each
Reline of Denture£100
Soft reline of denture£120
Repair of denture / Addition£80
Implant (including crown)£3000
Chippenham orthodontics – Children£1800
Chippenham orthodontics – Adults£2900
Invisalign£3000-  £3500
SureSmile£3000 – £3500
Mouth Guard£80
Sports mouth Guard£55